These clinical DNA tests allow your employees and their providers to identify the medications

That match their body's ability to process the drugs – eliminating potential adverse drug reactions. These tests also measure other drugs and homeopathic treatments to reduce side effects.

Covered by Commercial and Medicare Insurance, the tests are commonly prescribed for pain management, psychiatric, neurological and cardiac disorders.

average savings on the prescription drug costs

$600 per year per person

Several clinical studies have been performed to demonstrate the cost savings by administering these tests

Focusing on the highest utilizers of prescription drugs, one study found that 53% of individuals on polypharmacy were on the wrong drug or dosage. The average savings on the prescription drug costs was more than $600 per year per person by implementing this type of testing.

The Statistics:

  • 53% of individuals

  • $600 per year

Improved performance of employees

Is an additional benefit of the testing as well as saving lives. Individuals that are prescribed a drug that can’t be processed by their body may result in an adverse event.

Covered Therapeutic Areas

Cardiovascular Disease Neuropsychiatric Disorders Pain Thrombophilia
Hypertension Depression Musculoskeletal Blood Coagulation
Hyperlipidemia Psychosis Arthritis Disorders
Arrhythmia Anxiety Migraine
ADHD - Bipolar Disorder Neuropathic
Seizure Disorder

Covers 5 of 10 Top Drug Prescription Classes in U.S.(1)

Percent of U.S. Population Receiving Drug Therapy

(1) According to a 2011 IMS Health Annual Prescription Audit. This represents more than 1.3 billion prescriptions and $80 billion in spending each year.

The Testing Process

Simple Cheek Saliva Swab Test

  • 1 Physician or Nurse Practitioner to review the patients medical history and determine which test is applicable.
  • 2 Individuals to help educate your employees

Toll free number is available for employees and their physicians to discuss the results of the test after they are performed.

Simple, Straightforward, and User-Friendly Process

Industry-Leading Turnaround Time in 48 Hours

complete medical monitoring and testing program

With comprehensive urine drug test panel testing for over 60 different prescribed and illicit drugs.